You have a calling. Deep down inside you, you know this is true: You feel it with every inch of your body, every cell of your being. The calling is the deepest yearning of your heart.

It may have surprised you when you first realized your calling. You may have even run away as it beckoned come. Ahh, but one’s calling has a way of pursuing! That calling, comes from the very Life that you are. That Life is reaching for you and it is all good. It is what is real. It is reaching for you beyond the battle scars you carry, beyond the negative tapes and programming running through your mind.

You are familiar with the false messages we carry: “I’m not good enough”… “I’m a fraud!”… “No one could possibly love me if they knew who I really was!” We’ve all done it to some extent — we’ve believed what is not true and we have settled for less.

Do. Not. Settle. Life is calling you. Why hide? Now is your moment to step into your calling, your authentic life. This world is incomplete until you share the gifts you have. My heart – my calling – is to see you Live the life you were born to live, and give the gifts you were born to give.

– Chelley