Act Like a Cop: Tools to Protect our Authentic Selves

In this course, we explore the many roles cops play during their shifts. Just like an Improv Skit, you never know what role you’ll play next. We will explore the roles each of us play (i.e. Enforcer, Parent, Officer Gullible). We will flesh out these characters in a fun interactive setting to make them easily accessible in the field. Spare your authentic self – put a character in your place, remembering that the most important role we all play is “The Best Cop You Can Be” in every scene.

Cultural Diversity: From the Inside Out

In this course, we take away the stigma normally attached to this topic and look at a proactive approach to bridging the gap among cultures. Since “wherever you go, there you are,” we have found that the best way to improve relationships with others is to start with ourselves. What make us tick? What are our “Hot Buttons’ and how can we best manage them? When we explore our own personalities, we discover that we are not so different from the public we serve.

Instructor Skills: Bringing the Classroom to Life

This course is perfect for the new instructor just beginning his or her teaching career as well as the veteran trainer who wants to take their program to the next level. In this seminar, we go beyond teaching and start performing our classes. Students learn best when ALL modalities are engaged. We will discuss the importance of passion for your topic to truly sell your message, verbal and non-verbal skills to draw in your audience, and tangible methods to overcome that stage fright right before your class begins!