Kim-Char Meredith Music News & Musings

Really looking forward to my concert and time with the folks at First Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, FL in October. Before then – hopefully we will write some songs together!

Cigar-box Guitar

Ellbogen Guitar

Thanks for asking about my cigar box guitar, Nancy Leakas Kelm! It was custom-made for me by the very talented Chris Ellbogen of Ellbogen Guitars. For the neck and headstock, I wanted to use some beautiful blocks of wood that we had from Pete (Parker and Jordan’s dad, he was a woodworker). Chris actually has a page up on his website with details and oodles of pics of this little baby. In the video, he plays it unplugged; plugged in, it has a lovely, beefy tone for such a little thang! I dig its unorthodox shape – makes it easy to stand and play, even without a guitar strap!

Relay was a couple weeks ago, finally getting these pics up! Was a joy to celebrate life with team Passionate Women and fondly remember friends (miss you, Julie)…

It was my 5th year joyfully serving as emcee for the Iowa Women’s Music Festival in Iowa City, and once again Prairie Voices Productions brought together an OUTSTANDING  lineup of talent from across the country!

Kim-Char with Big Bad Gina (RJ, Jori, Melodie, Renee) - Click photo for more pics...

On September 1, Upper City Park was kickin’ with the sounds of  EmJay (IA), Coles Whalen (CO), Big Bad Gina (AR), Lisa Ferraro & Erika Luckett (CA), Sharon Jackson (IA) and Camille Bloom & The Recovery (WA). Hey, I even got a couple tunes in, kickin’ off the program that afternoon!  It was a diverse lineup, offering everything from rap to country to world music… Sunny Pfiffering-Irons and Ruth Ann Rowan were ASL interpreters for the day, their work as graceful and mesmerizing as always.  Hats off to Prairie Voices Productions, Lisa Schreihart, Laurie Haag and EVERYONE who makes IWMF happen every year… Nikster, Elizabeth, Audra “magic spot” King… oh heck, no way I can list everyone!

And darn you Big Bad Gina, I now have this odd and obsessive craving for beets in my salad… hmmmmm….



Yesssss – The new cd, “SpiritRise Volume III: Perfect Whole Complete” drops this weekend! Like the other offerings in this series, the project is anchored by affirming songs that lift the heart and mind! It was again a pleasure to work with our “Unity in Naperville” music team. Kevin Conlin‘s superb guitar leads and vocals and Whitney McCall‘s beautiful harmonies add wonderfully rich texture and character to this acoustic project. Here’s a sample of some songs:  Samples from SpiritRise Vol. III: Perfect Whole Complete.  Many of the tunes are co-writes, and I am grateful for Kitty Benson, Darlyne Cain and Bukeka-Newby Shoals and their wonderful expressions in song.  Will post online order info later this week…

You’re invited to join me this Sunday morning(Aug. 26th, 10 a.m.) at Unity in Naperville as Kevin, Whitney and I debut many of the new songs as part of a special “All-Music” service!